MOnkton Combe School

Booking Information


If your child requires a taxi booking to or from the airport, Monkton Combe School uses Chauffeur Travel.

What you need to do

You will need to book as soon as possible by completing Chauffeur Travel’s Airport Taxi Booking Request Form using the button below.

This form links directly with Chauffeur Travel’s Website, Chauffeur Travel will deal with your taxi booking from start to finish including payment.

Please make note of how much luggage your child will be travelling with and if your child requires unaccompanied minor service.

By completing and submitting the online form, you are also giving consent for Chauffeur Travel to share the data with appropriate members of Monkton’s Senior Management team, administration team and Houseparents team.

Confirmation & Payment

After you have made your booking request through Chauffeur Travel you will receive your booking confirmation email 1 week before travel.

PLEASE NOTE: Shared vehicle allocation will be notified at this point, if you would prefer your child travels in a single vehicle, please make note of this at point of booking.

To complete the booking process, you will need to select ‘Accept’ in the email you receive.  Once you have accepted your booking confirmation with Chauffeur Travel, payment will be taken by Chauffeur Travel. Payment links will be sent out directly by Chauffeur Travel at point of booking confirmation for advance payment.

Need help?

If you have any questions, please contact the Chauffeur Travel Team on:


Telephone: +44 1225 463404